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How to Store Vintage Christmas Ornaments

There’s nothing quite like vintage Christmas decorations. Whether they’ve been passed down through your family, or you scored them over the summer at a flea market, the charming, delicate, and sometimes quirky addition that they bring during the holidays brings a little extra Christmas magic with them.

And while they certainly bring added charm, they also bring added responsibility when it comes to storing them correctly off-season. So while you might be tempted to simply halfheartedly wrap them into crumpled newspaper with the rest of your decor and call it a day, here are a few tips we recommend for keeping those gorgeous Christmas decor items safe and protected for years and years to come.

Firstly, consider what you’ll be storing them in. While you might focus on plastic tubs and airtight containers, those actually aren’t ideal. They can trap moisture and mold, which is the exact opposite thing that you want hanging out with any vintage item nearly all year.

Your best bet is to stick with breathable rigid fabric or cardboard containers. There are even acid free storage options specifically made for ornaments that will keep your antiques well protected. Another option, if available, is to use the original boxes they came in. If you’re lucky enough to still have them, not only are they another fantastic vintage piece to decorate with, but they clearly have done their job well enough these many years. If they aren’t around or you don't trust their condition, cardboard egg cartons do well in a pinch, too! You’ll also want to use acid free tissue paper to make sure they are gently snug in their containers.

Next, since we aren’t storing them in airtight containers, you might be thinking you don’t feel comfortable keeping them with the rest of the Christmas decorations in the attic, and you’d be correct. While newer items can better withstand the extreme heat of the attic or the dampness of a basement, you really should be giving your vintage pieces a little extra time and effort to protect them. Find a safe corner in a closet or under the bed that will keep them mostly undisturbed when they’re unused.

Lastly, give them a gentle once over before you put them away. Use a soft paint or makeup brush to carefully clean away dust and debris that can eventually build up a coating of muck that can seriously diminish their looks and structure.

With these tips, along with a gentle hand, you’ll be enjoying those sparkling vintage baubles for many more years, and perhaps the next generation will too!

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