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Tips to Maintain Your Artificial Tree

There are many reasons you might choose an artificial tree over a real one. While the decision to skip the real tree has its perks, decorating with faux pine also comes with a few different (and easy to overcome) challenges.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your imitation tree looking fresh year after year!

Try to keep sunlight to a minimum

While a real tree needs sunlight (and water) to keep it looking fresh, that’s not quite the case with a fake one. Just like your other holiday decor, sunlight can fade and warp these items, especially when exposed for long periods of time. If you really love your tree in the front window, be mindful that it can deteriorate faster over the long run, so keep the curtains closed when displaying it isn’t necessary. Or better yet, choose a spot in your home that doesn’t have direct sunlight for all or the majority of the day. 

Dusting is an artificial tree’s BFF

Before you store your tree away for the next year, make sure to give it a good dusting with a dry cloth or feather duster after the ornaments are removed. If you let the dust accumulate over time, it can slowly make your once vibrant and festive tree look dull and worn. It will also become much more difficult, if not impossible, to remove without being too rough on the delicate branches.

Take your time to put it away properly

When the holidays are over, you might just be ready to squish it into its box or shove it away in the attic until next year. However satisfying it might be in the moment, it could very well be a bent up and dusty mess the next time around. We recommended taking your time to slowly fold in the branches and follow the manufacturer’s suggestions on how to dismantle and break down your tree correctly.

Find the appropriate storage solution

Being squished and squashed incorrectly for the majority of the year can alter the shape of your tree permanently. You also want to make sure that sunlight and moisture aren’t going to make some unwanted appearances that can leave you with some not-so-great faded or mildewy surprises the next year around. There are a number of storage solutions available depending on the size and width of your tree that will nearly eliminate these issues. By using something specifically designed for tree storage, you're making sure it’s safely put away until the next year.

Be mindful of where it’s stored

From overheating and moisture, to pests and mildew… where the heck do you put it when it isn’t being used?! That’s where the storage solution comes in. As long as you store it in a cool dry place, and have taken the proper steps to assure it’s clean and dry, your tree should be ready to go with minimal reassembly the next time around.

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